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Get ready Texas as we are about to view an incredible meteor shower like we haven't seen in many years. Back when I moved into my house some 30 years ago, we didn't have street lights and we could sit on the porch or out in the middle of the back pasture to watch some small meteor showers and a lot of falling stars from time to time.

I remember there was never a week that went by in which we didn't see at the very least some falling, or what we called them back then 'shooting stars' all across our West Texas skies. Now, from what I understand from there's an asteroid known as 3200 Phaethom that's going to be responsible for this Geminids Meteor shower.

According to Earth Sky, "the astroid 3200 Phaethon gets very close to the sun, half the distance as is the innermost planet, Mercury. Then it scoots out past the orbit of Mars. The meteor material intersects the earth’s orbit on its inbound leg, and the earth arrives at this location in mid-December, hence the Geminids meteor shower."
The Japanese spacecraft DESTINY is expected to be launched in 2024 to visit the asteroid in 2028. One proposal from 2006 suggested crashing an object into 3200 Phaethon to produce an artificial meteor shower to better study the asteroid. DESTINY+, however, will not be hitting the asteroid. Source: Earth Sky

If you have a nice dark place out in the country you will be able to enjoy the Geminids Meteor shower which will begin early on the evening of December the 13th and this meteor shower will continue through Christmas Eve December 24th.

So put on your most comfortable warm winter gear, find a comfortable chair to sit in, and a hot cup of something to drink, then sit back and enjoy a spectacular meteor shower through Christmas Eve and then deck them skies y'all.

The video below is a live feed from a camera that's always watching for meteoroids, and asteroids.

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