Anyone that knows me knows I am an avid gun enthusiast and that I'm always preaching gun safety. Especially when it comes to storing away your firearms. One item that was real popular at this years Shot Shot is the new high tech "Gun Box" handgun storage system. This is not really a 'new' system for storing your handgun, but I believe it's a faster way to retrieve your handgun. According to Wide Open Spaces, this bad boy uses your fingerprint to open.

There are three models of this particular gun box. One that opens with your finger print, the other uses a small microchip imbedded in a ring or bracelet. The third model contacts you by phone when the box is disturbed, moved or tampered with. The other handgun lock boxes use a series of finger combinations or keys. The fact still remains, the most popular item at this years show was the 'Gun Box', check it out.

This is the "Gun Box" Shot Show Video