I've often used the expression, "this heat is like getting blown with a hairdryer" when stepping outside. If you're from Abilene, you definitely know what I'm talking about. Man sake it can get hot in this part of Texas.

You've got to do everything you can to keep cool. Especially your pets and the elderly. This West Texas sun can rip the hide right off of you. So, I went on a mission to find top ways to beat the heat. Keep reading for some great tips.

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Look: 10 Ways To Beat Crazy Abilene Heat

Check out some simple ways to beat the heat according to AAG

I've used several of these methods and they indeed help. Try these ideas along with safety measures to prevent heatstroke according to the Mayo Clinic.

In fact, keep reading, you can also cool down at some old-fashioned swimming holes right here in Texas.

Chill Out This Summer at the 6 Best Swimming Holes in Texas

Feeling hot, hot, hot? Here are six of the best swimming holes in Texas to get your chill on and lower that core temperature.

Trips to Discover and The Crazy Tourist both list the following six places as the best places to cool off this summer in the great state of Texas. You'll want to keep this list handy as the mercury rises and the sweat starts to pour!

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