Myself and most of my co-workers are huge animal lovers, so anything dealing with animals pulls at our heart strings. When I saw this video I had to share with everyone.

On Thursday of last week a Humane Society in Michigan got a call about a puppy stuck in a pipe. The puppy was only 4 weeks old and was stuck in an underground pipe and had been there all night. They could here him yelping but couldn't see him.

The emergency rescue driver for the humane society was first to arrive. He investigated the situation and called out for more help. The plumbers were called out and ran their cameras down the pipes, still couldn't see anything. The finally brought in an excavator to dig down to the underground pipe.

The finally get the pipe removed and see the puppy. They grab him and bring him out, wrap him in a towel and get him back to his mom where he gets his tummy filled.

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