Okay with Father's Day right around the corner and the fact that my wife and I have raised eight children together. I feel like I am well experienced okay okay, I feel like I am an expert and I will admit here and now that I'm kind of a West Texas connoisseur of "Dad Jokes."

Now that the kids are all gone my 'Dad Jokes' don't go over too well with my wife. So, I thought that instead of letting them go to waste this year, I would share them with you, and maybe you could get some chuckles for your kiddos.

LOOK: My Top Ten Greatest Hits Dad Jokes

It seems like every dad has a silly Dad Joke that they're known for. These are my Top 10 just in time for Father's day. Please feel free to share them with your family.

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I will clarify that while I think they are hilarious too, your significant other may not think so and could throw something at you, you have been warned, just be on the alert. Plus many younger (elementary school-aged children) will find these downright hilarious and they may have one or two of their own.

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So here goes, again for safety's sake maintain a safe distance from the spouse when reciting these extra few more I call my "Texas Giggles!" Try these at your own risk. 

Fearless Texas Giggles

  • What did the big yellow rose of Texas say to the little yellow rose of Texas? "Hi, bud!"
  • What keeps Texas from falling into the Gulf of Mexico? Oklahoma sucks!
  • A man goes through the Texas National Bank drive-thru. The automated teller asks, “Hello, how can I assist you today?” The man says, “Withdrawal.” The automated voice comes back and says, “YEEHAW! HOW Y’ALL? RECKON I CAN HELP YA?!”
  • What does a Texas Rancher call his cow with no legs? Ground beef!
  • Why do Texas golfers always carry around two pairs of pants? In case he got a hole-in-one.

More Dad Jokes can be found on the Men's Health and Pioneer Woman websites

If you're still craving more awesome "Dad Jokes" I've found over the years a couple of places online, for example, who would have ever thought that "The Pioneer Woman" website would have great "Dad Jokes?" Then there's the old stand-by "Men's Health Magazine."

I hope you find some laughter in these and make some memories the kids will remember forever. Happy Father's Day!

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