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The Community Foundation of Abilene joins in on the 'National Day of Giving' to raise donations for the 130+ local nonprofit organizations it supports. Abilene Gives "usually" begins at midnight on the "day of giving" and continues until midnight.

However, this year's day of giving Is going to be a lot different because instead of 24 hours of giving in a day the Abilene Community Foundation said that Abilene gives will be from 8 am until 8 pm on Tuesday, May the 2nd, 2023. So the question remains will Abilene give in 12 hours what it gave in 24 hours last year in 2022?

attachment-Abilene gives flyer

I firmly believe that West Texans and Albilenians are very generous and want to help the over 130 nonprofit organizations that benefit from Abilene Gives.  the Community Foundation of Abilene has set a goal of two million dollars in 12 hours.

To donate, go to the website find the non-profit you want to support, and donate online. This is a secure website and you can use debit or credit cards a minimum $10 donation is required. If you'd rather, checks can be dropped off at the Community Foundation's office at 850 North 1st Street.

The pandemic has cost non-profits thousands of dollars since it began, as a lot of Abilene's charities did not host annual fundraisers. It is very important that we all open up our hearts and give as generously as possible this year.

In 2022 Abilene's Day of Giving Raised Over $1.75 Million Dollars

Last year the efforts of the Community Foundation of Abilene along with all its non-profits were able to raise $1.75 million dollars to help non-profits in Abilene. While this year is looking better in comparison to the pandemic years nearly all the non-profit organizations are still struggling to get back to what was normal.

Please give  And help us raise two million dollars in 12 hours. If it can be done West Texans will do it.

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