Marshawn Lynch helped lead his Seattle Seahawks to the NFC Championship game after a superb 2012 regular season. Thanks to his 315 carries for 1590 yards and 11 touchdowns, “Beast Mode” was also was honored as a finalist for the FedEx Ground Player of the Year.

For the second year, the NFL’s brightest current, former and future stars shined at the 2nd Annual National Football League Honors. Hollywood and NFL stars walked the red carpet at the Mahalia Jackson Theater before the signature event which honors the best players and performances during the 2012 season.

Lynch took a few minutes to talk about his favorite New Orleans food, music and the Big Game.

What’s it like for you to be in New Orleans to celebrate the Super Bowl?

Marshawn Lynch: It’s great. This is my first time to be able to get out in the city and they’ve got a lot of culture here. A lot of good ass food too.

What’s been your favorite local treat so far?

Marshawn Lynch: I went and got me some crawfish etouffee and some fried shrimp over at Deanie’s [Seafood]. I got good advice.

What’s the guilty pleasure song on your iPod?

Marshawn Lynch: Probably some Amerie off her album 'Don’t Be Afraid to Touch'.

What famous woman are you hoping is watching you play on Sundays?

Marshawn Lynch: Famous woman? My mamma. Straight up.

Do you have a game pick for the Super Bowl?

Marshawn Lynch: No pick but I just hope the best team wins. I’d like to see Ray Ray get one and go home a winner.

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