Well the Super Bowl is coming up in a few days and that brings out all kinds of crazy. People that sit and scream at the TV, those that make bets on everything, those that get really angry over plays and many others. Dude Perfect takes a look and pokes a little fun at the different types of people you may encounter on Super Bowl Sunday.

I personally am 'that girl' the one who doesn't really understand all the rules. I have no idea about downs and penalties and holding and what not. I just know you're going for the most touchdowns to win, so I usually ask lots of questions. I also enjoy all the Super Bowl commercials, especially the Doritos and Budweiser commercials.

I know a few of the other 'personalities' the guys depict in their video too. Those that get really angry or the 'rage monsters', these people are really annoying to watch the game with. I have some friends that are all about the free food, so they go where the best party is going to be and I have many friends that are major trash talkers.

So check out the video and see how many of your friends come to mind.

Watch Dude Perfect's Super Bowl Party Stereotypes

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