It's as if God opened the sky and dropped off one of his precious little angels here, Jackie Evancho possess the voice of an angel. Since she first submitted her video to "America's Got Talent" 18 months ago at the age of 10 she has since then, sky-rocketed to the top of the charts. Evancho now has an EP, two albums and is on tour in Japan where she is as big as, or bigger than Michael Jackson. As you watch her latest video it will have your eyes welling up with tears. In my opinion she is the voice of an angel.
You will be memorized by her grace, poise and innocence and spellbound by her remarkable operatic soprano voice. I never knew that such a mature sound could be possible from a person as young as she. Jackie has recently been named to Billboard Magazines list of "Music's Movers and Shakers."

Billboard Magazine says "her spellbinding, operatic vocals possess a power and poignancy that often moves listeners multiple times her age to tears.”

Rumors are abounding that she will soon be starring in several Hollywood motion pictures, one opposite of Robert Redford as his daughter. Keep an eye out for her on the big screen, however here's her latest video, it's a song that her uncle Matt composed.