America is obsessed with deep-fried foods. You better make an appointment with your cardiologist, because the deep-fried phenomenon isn't going away anytime soon. It looks like there is no limit when it comes to the culinary artform that is deep fried cooking. What will they come up with next?

Maybe they'll start deep frying asparagus soon—we doubt it, but you never know. Well, we might as well indulge ourselves. Here are 10 deep fried dishes we'd like to invent:

1. Deep-fried turducken

2.  Deep-fried Taco Bell (yes, all of Taco Bell deep-fried at once)

3.  Deep-fried chocolate-covered strawberries with peanut butter

4. Deep-fried buffalo wings wrapped in bacon

5.  Deep-fried sushi with caviar dressing

6.  Deep-fried water ice (we'd make it work!)

7.  Deep-fried Oreo and chocolate chip cookies with a Reese's in the middle

8.  Deep-fried butter (oh wait, that exists)

9.  Deep-fried Honey Boo Boo Child.

10.  Deep-fried tears. YOUR tears.

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