Everybody has dreams. Some people want to be singer, some want to be athletes and yet others want both. Zac Brown is one of these that wants both only his "athletic ability" only reaches as far as the bowling lane. He's perfecting his skills in "midget bowling".

While performing at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota recently, Zac and other willing participants did a little human bowling. “Short Sleeve Sampson,” the little person who served as the human bowling ball says he volunteered and it was all in good fun; in fact it was kind of like going down a slip n' slide. He says it's much safer than "midget tossing".

While their will undoubtedly be some who aren't happy about this behavior everyone involved says it was all in the name of fun. What do you think?

Watch Zac Brown Partake in ‘Midget Bowling’