Baseball Player Picks Up a 7-10 Split Using Baseballs
Melbourne Aces baseball player Scott Wearne takes the term "two-sport athlete" to a whole new level. The Aces second baseman showed of his pitching skills, in a bowling alley of all places. It's impressive enough that Wearne managed to throw a baseball (much smaller than a bowling ball, if…
Strike! It’s the Best Bowling ‘Fails’
By all accounts, bowling isn't a contact sport. And yet, dozens of bowlers slip, slide and crash to the ground in this amazingly entertaining compilation of bowling fails. Okay, okay. This supercut convinced us. We'll never say bowling isn't a real sport again.
Zac Brown Tries His Hand at ‘Midget Bowling’ [VIDEO]
Everybody has dreams. Some people want to be singer, some want to be athletes and yet others want both. Zac Brown is one of these that wants both only his "athletic ability" only reaches as far as the bowling lane. He's perfecting his skills in "midget bowling&…