Oh, Yoko.

Not sure what we were expecting when we heard that Yoko Ono was debuting her new line of men's fashions for Opening Ceremony, but this is even better than we imagined. Boob drawings on sweatshirts and crotch handprint pants? Yoko Ono is the coolest, weirdest little alien of all time.

The collection was inspired by a wedding present that Ono gave to the late John Lennon in 1969; a series of drawings titled 'Fashions for Men' which included silly, gestural drawings of men's clothing, accessories and shoes designed for him. Ono says she "made this whole series with love for his hot bod."

The collection is for both men and women and includes boots with incense holders in the toe ($750), a lightbulb bra ($250), custom knee pads (??) and tailored pants with an attached lion's tail, which Ono suggests should be worn "with perfume on top," and nothing else. The boob hoodies are a much more affordable $75 -- Go ahead and check out the entire collection; you definitely won't be bored.