When I first got up this morning I couldn't stop yawing, in fact it was a symphony of yawns that stayed with me until I ran into another unsuspecting bystander, my wife and I looked right at her and I yawned. With in minutes she was yawning and I quickly left the room so that I would not be getting the yawns back on me. It was now my wife's turn to find an innocent bystander and let the contagious yawn loose on them and run like a mad man. It's true, Yawns are contagious just like the flu and the plague and I know it's true because I found it on the internet. And this video on the Symphony of Yawns will prove it.


Here's my theory, a yawn is a displacement of air and air pressure on the eardrums, Once a person releases that displaced-air they exhaled, it lingers in the air until and unsuspecting bystander walks by and sucks in the "Yawn Air" and the displacement of the air in the eardrums is moved out through the new persons yawn until that person either goes to sleep or finds someone to inhale their yawn-air and then move on. Have you ever noticed that yawns are contagious from humans to animals and animals to humans just watch your cat or dog the next time they yawn, the next thing you now is you are wide mouthed open yawning trying to find a sucker, thus came the term "sucker" the person that was too slow or gullible enough to suck in the yawn air, so animals are not dumb by any means the only yawn once and move on. Now I need to inform you I am not a scientist or doctor nor have I studied yawns in great detail, however. Yawning in symphony is an art form, and you will yawn long before the video is over, try it tell me what you think, did you yawn is it contagious? what's your theory?