I was in Memphis last Thursday-Sunday for St. Jude Radiothon Seminar.  Each year they bring in a surprise guest motivational speaker.  We always try to guess who it is but they keep it top secret until they introduce the person.  We've had country star Wynonna, ice skater Scott Hamilton, St. Louis Cardinals coach Tony La Russa, war heroes, sports heroes, movie producers and many others.  This year it was another sports hero;  Joe Theismann.  Ok,I said,  so who is Joe Theismann?....he must be someone really cool because all the guys in the room are cheering obnoxiously!! Maybe you don't now him either but you should.   Mr. Theismann walks out and begins to speak;  he's a larger than life guy with lots of energy and great stories.

Mr. Theismann is a former quarterback for the NFL's Washington Redskins. He graduated from Notre Dame in 1971 (that's the year I was born maybe that's why I didn't know him).  He is a Super Bowl champ, Pro Bowl MVP, entrepreneur, former ESPN commentator and now works for the NFL Network.   He does charity work for children's health and welfare.  That is what led him to St. Jude Children's Hospital.  Joe donates all of his website autograph fees to the hospital.  Yes, he charges for his autograph but 100% of the money goes to helping find cures for catastrophic childhood diseases.  He had us all laughing at his football stories and even let a couple of lowly dj's in the audience try on his huge  Superbowl ring.  He was a great motivational speaker and has great compassion for children and St. Jude.  It's nice to see guys like this donate their time and money to help children.

I now know who Joe Theismann is and I like him.

To learn more about Joe Theismann and maybe even get your own autographed item please visit his website!!