Roger Creager has supported St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in the past, and was kind enough to stop by the KEAN-105 studios while he was in town to lend his celebrity to our annual Radiothon. Creager visited with me on Friday afternoon to ask listeners to call and become a 'Partner in Hope' by contributing to St. Jude. He also rewarded those who did by putting them on the guest list for his show later that night at the Lucky Mule Saloon.

We spent the first portion of our conversation discussing the St. Jude Radiothon, asking listeners to call and make contributions. Roger made it clear that he's very familiar with the Hospital and the great cause, and pointed out "Of course, on the radio it's hard to paint the picture, but when you see the gets ya. We need some people pledging money.". Well said, Roger. Check out Part 1 of our conversation here:

Our conversation continued with me trying to talk with Roger and help promote his concert, but Creager quickly stopped me to give out the phone number for the St. Jude Radiothon. What a cool surprise, to immediately take the focus of promoting himself and out the focus on the cause. Very classy. "We're doing what we call 'Truck Stop Week'...for years we've always had the idea of on the way to a gig somewhere just stopping at a truck stop and buying all of our clothes for the gig. Not spending more than, like, $12 or so." Very strange. He also mentioned another way to have fun was "Once I ordered pizza for the people that were there right when the doors opened. I got in trouble from the bar because they serve food and they got mad at me". Let's hope the bar forgave him.Take a listen to Part 2 of the interview here:

Thanks to Roger for taking time to help out this cause. What a terrific guy. After the interview, it was off to the Lucky Mule for his concert.

Now, Creager makes it no secret that he's out to have a good time. He is a firm believer in the philosophy that if he and his band entertain each other, the crowd at his concerts will be entertained, too. Hence the idea of 'Truck Stop Week'. They opened the show wearing more ordinary clothes, but a few songs in, the whole band changed up into their most recent truck stop finds. Creager in a white trucker hat with a blue bill, tie dye t-shirt and his new, self-themed 'rock star mustache' made for a pretty ridiculous sight.His band looked equally tacky, and they managed to put on an outstanding show in their truck stop gear.

Dave Wheaton

No matter how many times you've seen Roger Creager in concert, it's worth the price of admission to see his show again. It's a different show every time, and there's a good chance you'll see something you've never, ever seen before.