These scuba divers must have had a touch of cabin fever when they dreamed up this under the ice optical illusion. It is three guys in arctic scuba gear under the the ice, pretending to ice fish, only thing is they're doing it all upside-down under the ice in a lake. It takes a while for the brain to adjust and figure it all out. The key here is watch the air bubbles, they only go up, right?
Once I watched and begin to understand the whole bubbles go up theory, I don't think the brain still believes what my eyes are seeing. The wheelbarrow really threw me though, until I figured out, that the wheelbarrow was actually filled with air and not water, kind of like when we were kids in a bathtub holding an air filled glass, upside down, underwater. I figured out that the trapped air kept it a float and trapped between the air in the wheelbarrow and the ice. Once the air is released the wheelbarrow becomes heavy and is let sink to the bottom of the lake, oh great, now these guys are littering.