Twyla Foreman has been singing round these parts for as long as I can remember. Inf fact I don't think I've ever heard that she has recorded or released any before, thus my excitement when I heard that Twyla was releasing a new C.D. called Beautiful Scars. All the songs on the project carry a duel meaning, For example Set Me Free written by Elliot Park, it could mean God set me free or lover set me free. It's what Twyla calls "songs that can go vertical as well."

Now if you go searching for Beautiful Scars, don't expect a CD with 10, 12 or 14 songs on it. Twyla has decided to start small with a five song "E.P." (stands for extended play.)

I really love listening to Twyla sing, and I catch her at the different local venues and on Sundays at church. She has a very unique and powerful voice. Foreman also has a very delicate, gentle and soft side especially when she's singing the old standards like Sinatra, Martin, Patsy Cline or Natalie Cole.

She is one of thee most versatile voices I've heard in years. I liken her to the soulfulness of Wynonna Judd, the class of a Barbra Streisand and the passion of a Melissa Manchester. Every time I hear her sing she flat wears me out because I hang on her every note. She makes every song she sings hers.

As I mentioned earlier Elliot Park wrote my favorite song on the CD, now Elliot is one of my favorite writers, he hails from Clyde Texas USA and before I ever got a copy or knew anything about this project, I listened to a rough cut of the entire CD and I said to Twyla, I thought Set Me Free was a stand alone song good enough to be a hit. That's when Ms. Foreman told me of the writer, (yes I'll brag I got good ears).  The other songs are just as strong and the title cut Beautiful Scars is an emotional ballad that is in this broadcasters opinion "very strong."


Beautiful Scars includes:

1 - Weight Of The Words

2 - I Don't Wanna

3 - Set Me Free

4 - Beautiful Scars

5 - Face My Way

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