In the fall of 1996 there was one song that stood out amongst all the rest, it was "Little Bitty. The song that was written by country legend Tom T. Hall, and sung by Alan Jackson, shot up to the top of the charts in both the US and Canada. "Little Bitty" made Alan Jackson a household name. 1996 also had other amazing songs like it.

Take a look at these top 5 songs from the fall of 1996

Alan Jackson - Little Bitty

Ty Herndon - Living In A Moment

Trisha Yearwood - Believe Me Baby (I Lied)

Patty Loveless - Lonely Too Long

Deana Carter - Strawberry Wine

Here are some interesting cost of living facts from 1996

  • Average Cost of new house $118,200.00
  • Interest Rates Federal Reserve 8.25%
  • Minimum Hourly Wage Raised To $5.15
  • Average Income per year $36,300.00
  • Average cost of new car $16,300.00
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average 6448
  • Cost of a gallon of Gas $1.22
  • Average Monthly Rent $554.00
  • Yearly Inflation Rate 2.93%
  • US Postage Stamp 32 cents
  • Loaf of Bread $1.15

What do you remember from 1996?