Watch a 15 Pound Turkey Get Blown Up Using Tannerite
Recently I wrote about hog hunters using Tannerite explosive to blow up wild hogs. Now I've discovered that trying to prepare your holiday turkey using Tannerite is not really a great idea. The only question I have is, how much Tannerite does one need to prepare a 15 pound turkey?
How To Make The Best Turkey Ever [VIDEO]
This Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday make a picture perfect turkey, and for the longest time I thought it was not at all possible. I resolved myself to deep-frying and sometimes smoking a turkey because when I baked one it was either too dry, too light or too dark in color. My question was, can I…
People Go Nuts Over Fried Turkey Testicles
As guys, we'll eat almost anything. Brew us up some cat poop coffee, toss us a stuffed cone pizza explosion; we can handle it. There is one thing we're a little weary to try, though -- mostly because it's a male issue at hand -- deep fried turkey testicles.
Turkey Farmer Tries To Catch A Turkey [VIDEO]
Jerry Hoak has a simple dream, he wants to be a turkey farmer, he's got cows, a llama and a dog but he does not have a turkey. Hoak has done everything he could to get ready to be a turkey farmer, except getting his turkeys. There are lots of wild turkeys on his land but none have made into his turk…

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