Go Here: Mansfield Reformatory in Ohio
Construction of the 250,000 square foot Mansfield Reformatory began in 1886. Though it held the world's largest free-standing steel cell block, Mansfield more closely resembles a mansion than a prison, which was very intentional; the goal was to create hope and progress in the young p…
12 Indicted In Amish Beard Cutting Crime
The Amish communities in the mid-west usually keep to themselves and are usually pretty peaceful folks. However in November, a rouge group of Amish that had broken away from the general population to create their own group were accused of cutting off the beards and hair of those who did not follow …
Wild Animals Escape and Terrify Ohio Community [VIDEO]
An Ohio man who owned an exotic animal farm released his animals to the wild and then committed suicide on Tuesday, according to police.
Farm owner Terry Thompson was found dead in his home near Columbus, OH by the sheriff’s deputies, who say his body had been disturbed by animals…
Man Sues Co-Workers For Part Of Lottery Winnings
Many offices play the lottery as a group. I've joined in before, but not all the time. So if one of those times I chose not to participate and the group won should I be given a portion of the winnings? That is the case that is currently going to court in Ohio.