Many offices play the lottery as a group. I've joined in before, but not all the time. So if one of those times I chose not to participate and the group won should I be given a portion of the winnings? That is the case that is currently going to court in Ohio.

A man who had participated in the group lottery pool but had been out for the last 3 months with a back injury, had NOT participated in the pool during those months. As luck would have it, the group won a $99 million dollar jackpot, during his absence.

Now this gentleman is wanting to be paid his part, saying he had always participated before. In his defense he had participated for 8 years previously. However, he had not contributed in the last 3 months before they won.

The case is before a judge and the Lottery Commission has been ordered to set aside a portion of the jackpot so that if Edward Hairston wins the case his money will be waiting.

Now I don't think that is right. He didn't participate, therefore he doesn't receive the benefits. Tough luck buddy.