Watch Grown Men Scream Like Little Girls at a Haunted House
It's no secret, but you won't get me into a haunted house whether it's real or for Halloween. After watching this video you'll get an idea why I do not venture into haunted houses. Because I will mess myself and hurt somebody all in one swift move. Watch these grown men scream li…
Texas Has Four of the Best Cities in America for Single Men
Unsurprisingly, Abilene, Texas didn't make Guyism's list of the best cities for single men in America, but, 4 other Texas cities did. So, if you're a single dude that isn't having much luck, especially with the ladies, take a look at this list of the best cities for single men in…
Public Urinals Stress Men Out
Men tend to get stressed out about using the urinal in a public restroom, according to a recent study from the University of London. Etiquette seems to dictate that, in a side-by-side urinal setting, merely making eye contact can lead to a fight.
Breast Cancer Also Affects Men
It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and while all the pink we see on the players during NFL games in October mainly focuses our attention on how the disease affects women and what they can do about it, we should also keep in mind (or learn) that men, too, can contract breast cancer. According to the…
Who is the Most Influential Man in the World?
Got a date with that new chick from HR? Been trying to get your yoga instructor to grab a drink with you for weeks? Need to impress your GF’s parents when you go home with her for the first time in a few weeks? AskMen’s got your back. They’ve taken vot…
What do Men in Abilene Really Want for Father’s Day? [POLL]
What do men really want for Father's day? A new set of golf clubs, a new rifle or shotgun, someone else to do their yard work, cash money, a hot date with the wife, a back and foot massage, a home cooked meal, handmade Father's Day cards, homemade gifts, a hand written scroll with notes of…
What’s the Real Story Behind Men Wearing Ties?
Despite what many a working stiff might think, men do not wear neckties to facilitate strangulation when their bosses are less than pleased with their work.
So, why do men wear this variable, often quite fashionable, and utterly useless piece of business attire?
Men Spend More When Women Are Scarce
Single men who perceive a shortage of available women are more likely to drain their bank accounts in an effort to make themselves appear more attractive to the fairer sex, according to new research on competition in the dating world.