Townsquare Media Staff Remember Their First Kiss – What Was Yours?
I found something the other day that said it was National Kissing Day, seems there is a day for everything now. Anyway I got to thinking about my first kiss and what it was like and how much detail I remember. I think a first kiss is something we all remember in great detail, where you were, what …
Cops Called When 12 Year Olds Kiss On Playground
Remember you're first kiss? These 12 year olds will but it won't be favorable. The innocent little kiss on the playground resulted in the school officials calling the police and DCF (department of children and families).
The Kiss Of Death; Literally
Here is an interesting story from abroad.  A British teen died literally minutes after her first kiss.  Doctors say she suffered from SADS (sudden adult death syndrome) similar to SIDS in infants.