Remember you're first kiss? These 12 year olds will but it won't be favorable. The innocent little kiss on the playground resulted in the school officials calling the police and DCF (department of children and families).

A school in Florida called DCF but were then referred to the police department when kids were caught kissing on the playground. Apparently 2 little girls were deciding which one liked a boy more when one little girl decided to go plant a kiss on the little boy.

The assistant principal of the school called DCF first but was told that was something the police department would need to handle. They called the Sheriff's department and when they showed up they decided no criminal activity had taken place and it was simply and innocent kiss. No one was arrested (thank goodness).

The Sheriff's department said it didn't seem their were any "unwilling" participants in the situation so battery charges wouldn't be pressed. So the little boy welcomed the attention I suppose.

So really, is this a situation that needed to have DCF and ultimately police called to resolve? It's a playground, in plain sight of everyone and it was a cute, innocent, simple little kiss that should have giving everyone involved a nice feeling. Instead these kids will always remember the cops being called to the school because they "kissed". Well, I guess it's something to tell the grandkids someday!!

So is political correctness overshadowing common sense these days? What are you're thoughts?