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Kevin Fowler’s Scenic ‘Rustic Ranch’ Hits the Market
Kevin Fowler's Rustic Ranch from Altared Weddings on Vimeo.
He's been sharing pictures of his beautiful property, keeping fans up to date on its progress, on social media for several years. Well, this week Kevin Fowler's scenic Rustic Ranch hit the open market, and for just about $5 mi…
ICYMI: New Weevil Species Named after Kevin Fowler
Did you know there are over 60,000 species of weevils on earth? There are. And now, there is one species living right here in Texas that shares its name with one of our favorite Texas rednecks.
The newest weevil was discovered outside Austin, TX, by Director of the Centre for Species Discovery and Ch…
#TBT When Kevin Fowler Ran for Rockwall City Council
Is the Redneck Messiah testing political waters? Is Kevin Fowler running for Rockwall City Council?
Well, a Kevin Fowler is - but not the one you're thinking of.
Kevin Fowler (the singer) posted to Facebook to clear up any confusion, "Ok," reads Fowler's post, &quo…

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