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Wolverine Talks Sabertooth in This ‘Logan’ Deleted Scene
Fans of Hugh Jackman’s final Wolverine movie are about to have a pretty big month: not only does Logan return to theaters in a special black-and-white format on Tuesday, May 16, but the movie will be available on VOD that same date and on Blu-ray/DVD on May 23. A home video release, of course…
Wolverine Shows His Claws in Two New ‘Logan’ TV Spots
It took a while for Logan to quit the coy act and give us some footage, and now that they finally have, what a gorgeous movie it looks to be. Two new TV spots for Logan debuted today, which show off the mutant’s impaling skills and introduce us to his enemies, the Reavers.
Hugh Jackman Teases a ‘Logan’ World Without Mutants
With the sheer volume of photos and teaser images that have dropped over the past two weeks, I’m starting to think that the cast and crew of Logan have decided to release their teaser trailer one still photo at a time. After all, we had months of radio silence on the production, but now direc…
‘Wolverine 3’ Begins Filming, Confirmed to be Rated R
While Hugh Jackman and Wolverine make only a very brief appearance in X-Men: Apocalypse, the Oscar-nominated actor and his popular mutant alter ego are returning for Wolverine 3, the upcoming sequel that will serve as Jackman’s last. From the Apocalypse press day in London, we have some new details …

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