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Gary Allan Already Thinking About His Next Album
Two days after 'Set You Free' was released in January, Gary Allan began thinking about his next album. He tells Taste of Country that he was at an event with songwriter Hillary Lindsey -- whose credits include 'Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)' and 'Two Black Cadillacs' -- during release week, and he …
Gary Allan vs. Joel Crouse – The Showdown
On Wednesday, 'Pieces' by Gary Allan cruised to another Showdown victory. Allan's fans were too much for James Wesley's supporters to take down in this daily song battle, so today and tonight on Taste of Country Nights radio the singer will go for a fourth straight win. His …
Gary Allan, ‘Pieces’ – Song Review
If Gary Allan's chart-topper 'Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)' was optimistic, his follow-up single 'Pieces' is downright plucky. The uptempo country-rocker may be the most contented single he's ever released.

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