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Shay’s Dancing With the Stars Week 4 Recap
Week 4 of this season brought a new twist, the stars and their partners where switched, as voted by the audience. They only had one week to rehearse for the show with their new partner. So who was paired together and did they pull off the dances with these new people? Here is my recap of the show.
Shay’s Dancing With the Stars Week 3 Recap
This is week 3 of the newest season (18) of DWTS. There was a double elimination last week so there are now only 10 competitors. This is where the scaling down process begins. The judges get harder, the routines get more difficult and the stress starts to show. Here are my thoughts on, this, week 3 …
‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 15 Announces an All-Star Cast
‘Dancing with the Stars‘ season 15 is just around the corner, and we realize you all want to know if Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte will be fulfilling his wish of appearing on the celebrity reality show. Well, the quick answer to that is, not this year. But with the official casting announcement …
Will the Dancing with the Stars All-Star Event Be Worth Watching?
One of my favorite reality shows, and I don't like reality shows, is Dancing with the Stars. I think it is a well planned show. Sometimes I don't agree with the judges decisions, but who does? I think it's great entertainment and I love to watch stars that have never danced actually come in and s…

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