Watch the Flying Car of the Future get Closer to Reality
What do you buy that special someone that has everything? How about a flying car prototype AeroMobil 3.0. This vehicle incorporates driving and flying in one neat little two-seat package. While it is currently being tested, the developers think it'll be certified as a possible Ultra-Light, maki…
Armoring Company CEO is Shot at Wth an AK 47 to Test Product
The Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) is real serious about their work and they really believe in their product. So much so, they put Trent Kimball, the companies CEO behind the wheel of one of their cars to test their product. The Texas born company builds vehicles that can withstand gunfire and sma…
How to Win With the KEAN Car Tune
The 5 O'clock KEAN Car Tune is an easy way to win great prizes from the KEAN 105 prize vault. Prizes like concert tickets, C.D.'s, T-shirts, movie passes, car racing tickets, event passes and lots more awesome prizes. Here's how you can win.
101 Year Old Woman Still Driving Her First Car [VIDEO]
She's 101 years young and Margaret Dunning still changes the oil and spark-plugs in her car, an original 1930 straight-8 740-Packard. Dunning not only services her fist car, but enjoys driving it on a regular basis (about a half dozen times a year), she's been known to give friends and family rides …

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