Stavros Flatley is Britains Funny Father Son Duo [VIDEO]
It all started when Demetri a former Greek restaurant owner and cabaret performer turned electrician saw and advertisement for 'Britain's Got Talent'. Demetri incorporated his son Lagi into the routine and they both auditioned for Simone Cowell and others, to the judges amazement the two were funny…
Female Panda Makes Britians Top Women of the Year List [VIDEO]
Every year the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) publishes a list of the top 12 men and the top 12 women of the year (one for every month of the year). This year our neighbors across the pond, are a wee-bit angry that the BBC would allow an animal to represent the twelfth woman of the year. Tian Ti…
British School Bans Students from Wearing Makeup
If you think girls these days just grow up too darned fast, you’ll like this.
Shelley College, a secondary school in Britain, thought its female students were painting themselves a little too heavily and spending too much time primping in the bathrooms, so officials banned anyone 16 a…
What To Wear For The Royal Wedding [VIDEO]
Usually it's the girls that get all excited about the Royal Wedding, or any wedding for that matter.  However, these guys here at the station are just absolutely giddy.  They are being very secretive though.