I've been talking a lot about square dancing at the Wagon Wheel it Tye Texas for a good many years. Although I've produced commercials for them and mentioned them in the Live and Locals public service announcements in the mornings, I have never been out there. Well, that has since changed. I was asked to broadcast live there this past weekend and was totally immersed into the world of square dancing. This is a fun time for the whole family, that exclude drinking, smoking and any other immoral activity. Why they even have a pot luck supper where everybody pitches in. The sign up list goes up early in the week and everybody picks out what they're going to bring. After that the square dancing and round dancing is on.

The man with the mic is the "caller" he has to be on the ball as he very skillfully choreographs the squares around the dance floor. It looks easy and I was told that a blind man could do it, because all you have to do is listen and have a good time.

I learned the difference from square dancing to round dancing, and trust me there is a huge difference. Round dancers have to be proficient in ballroom dancing as well. That to me seemed as the more romantic dance form.

At the Wagon Wheel in Tye, they have several clubs that meet there and share a lot of the responsibilities of keeping the hall going. The a fore mentioned clubs all have a different days and times they teach/rehearse. they are as follows. Key City Squares dance on the second Saturday Night of each month. Work shop at 7:30 and dance from 8 to 10. Wagon Wheel Squares dance on the third Saturday Night of each month. Meal at 6:45 and work shop at 7:30. Dance is from 8 to 10. A-Team (advanced dancing) is the second Friday Night of each month from 7 to 9. 1Guys and Dolls Round Dance Club will dance each Wednesday after beginner lessons from 8 to 9:30. Also, round dances are held before each Association Dance on fifth Saturdays, four times a year.

If you are at all interested in learning this beautiful art form of dancing check out the Wagon Wheel in Tye, they are a non-profit organization.