Ten years ago, Cory Morrow nearly gave up on ever performing again. In 2005 Cory was arrested for DUI and possession of cocaine. His ego took a huge hit and Morrow believed that his fans didn't care to see him ever again.

Fellow Texas/Red Dirt Music legend Roger Greager reached out to Cory and invited to join him on stage one night. When the crowd erupted, Cory knew he had to get back to performing for his fans.

But it was Morrow's marriage to Sherry that restored his faith and kept Cory on the straight and narrow. Today, Cory and Sherry Morrow have three children and Cory couldn't be happier.

Cory Morrow's music career continues to reach new highs and sets new records. While a lot has happened in the past ten years, Cory still loves performing live. Don't miss Cory Morrow when he comes to the Silo June 27th.