A fascinating discovery was made recently when an 18-foot sea creature/serpent was found off of Catalina Island. The serpent is known as an oarfish and is rarely ever seen. A snorkeler found the fish Sunday in the waters of Toyon Bay. The fish was dead, believed of natural causes, when found and drug to shore. It is now in the hands of scientists.

The oarfish is a deep water species, usually found in 3000 ft. depths, that can grow to be 50 plus feet long which makes it the longest bony fish. This particular fish was only 18-feet long and was found in 30 ft. of water by Catalina Island Marine Institute marine science instructor Jasmine Santana. Santana along with about 15 others brought the serpent fish to shore.

The University of California, Santa Barbara now has tissue samples and video footage so further studies can be done. They plan to bury the fish in the sand and let it decompose naturally. The skeleton will then be reassembled and placed on display in a museum for all to enjoy.

I would have looked like a cartoon character trying to swim to shore as fast as possible if I had been the one to find this fish. Luckily it was found by professionals who new how to handle such a rare find.

 Watch footage of the rare oarfish found of off Catalina Island