Randy Rogers is coming to Abilene to play the Taste of Country Concert Series Friday night (7/18), and he took a few minutes out of his busy touring schedule to talk with us on the KEAN 105 Afternoon Show.

After a successful trip through the midwest, RRB are back performing in Texas. I asked Randy what's it like getting out to play in places he doesn't get to very often. He tells us, "Last week was Kansas City, Minneapolis and Chicago. You know, he crowds there are growing. It's kinda hart to believe, with the little airplay we have received nationally, that the crowds are growing like they are. I think Chicago was 5-6 thousand people. We did the same thing in Denver at Red Rocks Amphitheater this year. Did about 7,000 people. So you know, it's crazy that we're getting to be a part of those festivals and fairs and everything and having those kind of crowds...it hasn't come easy by any means, but it is nice to see that hard work pay off."

Randy discussed what he thinks is the key to keeping his band together and happy for fourteen years, telling us, "When we started our band, the five of us kinda had a vision and it's still the same 5 guys in the band, and we still know who we are and what we want, and what we sound like. And we, you know, we've kinda stuck to our guns. We've been able to raise families and we've been able to kinda grow up together doing what we love, which was the goal. And it still is the goal." He goes on to explain, "I just think we have respect [for one another]. Any relationship, once you lose respect for the other person, it's over with. So, you know, we always put family first. One guy needs to take off for a birthday, a big doctor's appointment, or obviously babies being born or whatever, you know, we make sure we take care of the core family. And I think that goes a long way, just respecting each other's wishes. Because if you're not happy, you're definitely not gonna be happy on the road. The road is an evil, evil monster. So, we've just all managed to take care of each other, I think, and treat it kinda like it's a big family."

Regarding the 'Homemade Tamales' live CD, Randy tells us that recording it was a great way to give a snapshot to where they are as a band now. He says, "I think our fans have always looked at us as a live touring band. That's kinda why I wanted to make another live record. You know, it's been 10 years since 'Live at Billy Bob's' and, obviously a lot has changed since then...we just wanted to take a photo of where we're at right now as a band, and I think we accomplished that."

Randy Rogers also noted that he's taking the band back into the studio in February 2015 and make another studio album. "As a songwriter, you want to put out your best stuff. As a songwriter, I don't always write great songs. You have to just wait until you have the material, and wait til the songs come. You know, I think about every 2 years of putting out an album is pretty good, a steady pace. And I think we've kept that. This will be or 10th record that we've made in February. So, that's something I'm proud of. You know, that's a little bit of longevity. A lot more than I ever dreamed we would have."

Rogers also talked about how the band changes up their live show to keep it fresh for their fans, and give insight as to what to expect when they make their way to Abilene. Take a listen to the full conversation with Randy Rogers:

Randy Rogers Interview on KEAN 105

Don't miss the Randy Rogers Band this Friday night (7/18) at the Lucky Mule. This promises to be one of the best shows of the year!