As I finished a blog last week about the top 5 albums that changed my life, I saw a couple album covers that also doubled as posters that hung in my room as a young West Texas teen. I then begun to wonder how much of an influence these posters had on my adolescent behavior. Nonetheless, here are some awesome posters that send me back in time, I hope you enjoy the ride through memory lane.

Much to my surprise, when I started looking for the art work on a lot of these posters, I found that a great deal of them are still being reproduced. There are a few companies like and that are still producing and selling regular and black-light posters too. There's a lot of my youth that lies in these posters, but there's a lot of my wife's youth in these posters as well. My wife Donna started looking over my shoulder and saying "wow, I had that one hanging in my room" so I decided to include some of the posters she had. I'll let you guess which ones were mine and which ones were hers.

Did I miss one? What poster was your favorite? Do you still have your old vintage posters?