We have the best military in the world and they just keep coming up with more technology to make the job easier and more efficient. There is a new plane out there that is currently undergoing testing and it is super cool. It's called the F-35B and it can land vertically (like a helicopter).

Lockheed Martin has built this machine and it is incredible. The plane is being tested on the amphibious assault ship USS WASP. In October testing began and the plane completed 28 hours of flight time and 72 short takeoffs and vertical landings or (STOVL's).

Most planes on carrier ships have to have a bit of "run way" to take off, these planes need very little space. There is a flap in the back that pushes the plane into the air when it hits the end of the ship and heads out over the water. Then it needs no runway to land because it can land vertically, similar to a helicopter.

The plane is very stealthy, agile, super fast and provides the pilot with 360 degree situational awareness. It is equipped with sensors that warn the pilot of approaching aircraft, missile threats and ground fire.

I get goosebumps watching the test video of these planes. They are incredible. For more details on the planes' dynamics check out the Lockheed Martin website.