It's something you don't see everyday. A couple of Abilene police cars pull up in front of the radio station they jumped out of the police cars and block all traffic, pulling everyone on South First street over to one lane. They were clearing the road for a house moving.

While I have only seen it done on TV, it was pretty cool watching it all happen. This got me thinking, there are a lot of people involved to make something like moving a "on-sight built house" happen.

I first saw a couple of police and sheriffs cars working the traffic.

Then there was the electric power company guys making sure all lines would clear. Two guys were carrying long poles with a "U" shaped thing on one end, used for lifting any low hanging utility lines.

The TX-DOT guys were making sure that all street signs and traffic lights were clear of the house and it's roof top.

And of course the house moving guys and their pick-up trucks two in front and two behind, plus a host of guys checking the house as it moved slowly down the road.

Which brings me to my final thought, they were not in any hurry. The entire convoy was moving no faster than five to ten miles per hour. Now I know why moving can get expensive, just simple calculation of twenty-five guys making at least 10 dollars an hour that's two-hundred-fifty dollars an hour, not including permits, equipment and whatever other charges there might be.

I think I'll stay put right where I'm at. Just thinking of this moving thing makes tired.