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Join Rudy and Mark weekday mornings starting at 6 a.m.

Rudy Fernandez was recently inducted in to the Country Music DJ Hall of Fame for his on-air abilities and his off-air contributions to the community.

Mark Young is a graduate of ACU and is the CPO of the Boys and Girls Club of Abilene. Mark is like Forrest Gump. He has done everything, from being a preacher to a mayor and now the co-host of the #1 morning show in West Texas.

Wake up laughing with Rudy and Mark live HERE or on our free RadioPup mobile app.

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Urban Legends About Abilene Area
The Abilene area is not without its share of scary ghost stories or urban legends. I doubt that you can find an Abilenian that hasn't heard about the 'Lady Ghost Of Fort Phantom' or the mystery surrounding the 'Anson Lights'.

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