The Iron Lady is also known as former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  I have always admired this lady, Thatcher that is, she is a wonderfully strong, eloquent, beautiful lady who can hold her own with the boys.When I was in school at Texas A&M I had the opportunity to hear PM Thatcher speak at an event and although some of the material was over my head I was in total awe of this woman.  Margaret Thatcher was the first female Prime Minister of Britain and served as such from 1979-1990.   She earned the nickname "Iron Lady" because of her tough stance against the Soviet Union, her views on trade unions and her decision to go to war in Argentina among many others.

There is now a biopic film in the making with Oscar winner Meryl Streep playing Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  The resemblance is quite uncanny and I'm interested in seeing the film when it is released, which by the way will be called "The Iron Lady"