So I was watching the Ellen Degeneres show today because Paris Jackson was going to be on. Plus, she's filling Oprah's old shoes and giving away everything in site to her audience for the holiday. I don't usually watch but really wanted to see the interview with Paris. What was surprising was not the interview but what happened when the audience got involved with something special.

So Ellen is doing special things for her audience members and one man wrote in to ask that he be able to propose to his girlfriend. Ellen reads the letter on the air and they show the woman in the audience is a small captioned picture, she is totally surprised. In the letter the guy says he loves his longtime girlfriend and she had wanted tickets to the show so he got them and then wanted to ask for her hand in marriage.

Now, like everyone else I'm going "ok, this is cool, you get proposed to on national television"....well he apparently doesn't know his girlfriend very well because it was a total disaster. He walks up to her gets down on one knee and proposes to her saying he's waited along time to do this. She's crying and her reaction is "I can't" I'm thinking what everyone else is, that she just can't get the words out because she's so stunned. says it again and tells him she's sorry but she can't. He looks at her so embarrassed and distraught that no one knows what to, so the producers ring the bell that means prizes are being given away. Ellen moves on and the guy is last seen bolting from the audience, ring still in hand.

I was watching the show and I actually had to get up from wrapping presents, rerun the DVR and watch it again....I thought I had missed something.

There's a moral here. Don't ask someone to marry you, especially on national TV in front of millions of people, unless you know for dang sure the answer is going to be YES!!!!!!