Rescue the Animals, KEAN 105 and the City of Abilene have teamed up together to offer West Texans half price dogs and cats from the Abilene Animal Control Shelter. Spring is near and the fact is, there will be an increase of puppies and kittens at the shelter, so we are trying to head off an over-crowding problem before it ever occurs.
Aaron Vannoy the shelter director estimates that there will be over 100 animals to choose from on most days. The prices are as follows, dogs were $80 are now just $40 (after mail-in rebate). Cats that were $70 are now just $30 (after mail-in rebate). The City of Abilene is cutting prices and Rescue the Animals, SPCA is offering a $20.00 mail-in rebate for spay or neuter, the price does include the animals spay or neuter and their rabies shot. This is not the first time that Rescue and the Shelter have offered this promotion, it was done during the Christmas holidays of 2010. Most of the dogs that are up for adoption are pure bred animals that their former owners have turned in and many are already house broken. What kind of dog or cat do you like?