Charlie Sheen has gone off the deep end and needs help but his crazy rants have led to big business for some entrepreneurs.  You too can now get some Tigers Blood.Charlie Sheen has said he has "tigers blood" in his veins and now someone has taken that statement and made it a new drink for us all.  Harcos Laboratories makes novelty items and has now come up with a   "Tiger Blood Energy Potion".  It's an energy drink packed with caffeine so you will feel like you are on that so called drug Charlie Sheen.  He claims that's the only drug he's on.

"Tiger Blood Energy Potion," the company's website says, is "made from 100% passion specifically to make your brain fire in a way that's not from this particular terrestrial realm." The drink is packaged in a pouch resembling blood bags used by medical facilities and contains 80mg of caffeine.

I guess crazy people lead to crazy ideas and that leads to big bucks, well if anybody actually buys the stuff that is.