Okay so I'll admit it, I was either half asleep or, I hadn't had my first cup of Coffee yet or, both! I forgot to put the coffee pot under the coffee grounds basket when I hit the 'go' button. As I'm washing said coffee pot, I hear a familiar dripping sound followed by (what I thought was bacon frying) a sizzling sound. That's when I realized the 'coffee pot' needed to be with the coffee maker and not in my hand. Now, I am thoroughly ticked because I know whats next, the clean up.
As I quickly replace the coffee pot and start reaching for the paper towels, co-worker (I'll call him J.R.) shows up and tries to help me clean up the coffee, it's now running down the front of our white kitchen cabinets here at the radio station. J.R.'s first move was to remove the coffee pot so we can clean underneath it, and stop that crackling and sizzling sound. J.R. discovers that the coffee maker wasn't through making, yet adding more to my major coffee mess. I swear It took a complete roll of paper towels to clean a quarter pot of spilled coffee, and never mind that it's hot too! We both burned our hands and swore to secrecy that we would tell a soul about our 'Three Stooges' like episode with the coffee pot this morning. I hope your morning / day goes better than mine.
Am I the only one this sort of thing happens to? Has this ever happened to you? Does coffee multiply when it's released from it coffee pot confines?