Warren B. Hall has quickly become one of America's most popular comics, his previous day job as a pharmaceutical company salesman gave him tons of material for his routine, as did being raised by his single mom. Warren weaves his tales and spares no one, male or female, rich or poor, red, white, black or blue he will have you laughing the night through. Mr. Hall is not alone, he will be accompanied by comedian Chris Dowell this Saturday night at Southern Nights, for two separate shows.




June 9th, 2012


Southern Nights Bar at 5477 South 7th, Abilene, TX


1st Show: 7:00 pm

2nd Show: 9:30 pm


Advance Tickets: $12 at 3911 South 1st or Southern Nights
Day of show: $15 or $20 (VIP-front row)



Other Info

Ticket price covers either show time, or you can attend both shows.

The Show

Chris Dowell

Dowell grew up as the attention-deficit afflicted middle child of a mortician and a special-ed teacher giving him the materiel he needed to fuel his unique sense of humor. He's opened for Tommy Chong, Thea Vidale and has gone on to appear on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”. Chris also has some original songs that will leave you laughing and wanting more.

Warren B. Hall

Hall has traveled internationally sharing his unique mainstream humor and has recently returned from entertaining our troops in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. He's a regular on the Bob and Tom radio show and has appeared in TV commercials. His comedy style purposely avoids using the “white vs. black” angle, daring to be different, Warren chooses to focus on funny! Hall has great stage presence and material that transcends all ages, he will have you in stitches laughing all night long.



Here's a sampling of what you might see from Warren B. Hall.