The Geek Art Contest was held during August Art Walk at the Center For Contemporary Arts (CCA) in downtown Abilene. First off what is "Geek Art?" It's were computer science related students from TSTC submitted their version of art using computer components and parts. That said, the judges recently announced who the Geek Art winners and all the other  participants in the contest. The Geek Art will remain on display through the end of the month at CCA.

Jerry Hayes a local geek artist as well as three signature artists from the CCA, Patty Rae Wellborn, Linda Murray and Van Lebus, judged the art on a 1 to 5 point scale in 5 categories, with the maximum score being 100. The categories were Originality, Creativity, Quality, Presentation, and Composition & Design.

Here are our winners:

Best Overall: "Techno Lotus" by Jackie Horst, winning a $250 scholarship

Best of Show: "Syncing Daisy" by Devin Crenshaw, winning a $250 scholarship

3rd: "Urban Motherhood" by S.M. Tracy, winning a gift-card from Best Buy

4th: "Processing Beauty" by Justin Humphreys, winning a gift-card from Best Buy

Honorable Mentions:

Most Imaginative: "Syncing Daisy" by Devin Crenshaw

Most Useful: "Processing Beauty" by Justin Humphreys

Most Functional: "Processing Beauty" by Justin Humphreys

Most Intricate: "Techno Lotus" by Jackie Horst

Most Vivid: "Techno Lotus" by Jackie Horst

Most Creative: "Urban Motherhood" by S.M. Tracy

Most Delicate: "Spyder Web" by Dalton Harris

Most Thought Provoking: "Circuit Soldier" by Ben Knighton

Most Innovative: "Cyber Mask" by Scott Voss

Most Use of Available Materials: "Randomly Epic Bot" by Tim Simmons

Here's a sampling of the Geek Art on display at the Center for Contemporary Arts