When I think of 7-Eleven, I immediately think of my dad taking me and my brother out for a Slurpee on a hot Saturday afternoon. My brother and I both preferred to mix the Coca-Cola and Wild Cherry flavors in one cup. I’d be willing to bet the Slurpee was a big part of your childhood too.

Well, once again, 7-Eleven is celebrating its birthday by giving away free Slurpee drinks.

When is their birthday? Wednesday, July 11th of course.

From 11am-7pm (local time) on Wednesday, participating 7-Eleven stores from coast to coast will give away free 7.11 ounce Slurpee drinks in celebration of their 85th birthday.

While you’re at 7-Eleven getting your free Slurpee, don’t forget to check out 7-Eleven’s Big Summer Sweeps for a chance to win prizes ranging from 7-Select chips to a motorcycle.

Get ready for the best brain freeze of all time.

What’s your favorite flavor of Slurpee?