Frankie Ballard the artist with the James Dean good looks just disappeared from country radio for about a year and a half, where was he? Ballard says "I went into writing for the new album and then I have always wanted to do one of those old school package tours, so I've hooked up with Jon Pardi and Miss Willie Brown for a tour we call the 'Tyin’ One On'” tour. And the fruits of his labor is in his first song called "Helluva Life" it's up-tempo and fun. Frankie Ballard released the song "Tell Me You Get Lonely" in 2010 and followed it uop with "A Buncha Girls" in 2011. Frankie explains “all my musical heroes did those package tours where they all piled into two Cadillacs and hit the highway! At least we get to do it on a bus. Jon Pardi and the Miss Willie Brown are great people and I’m honored, there will be no shortage of fun, hell, we’re tyin’ one on right now.” Check out his new tune.

Frankie Ballard - Helluva Life.