With deer season right around the corner all the hunting magazines are now showing, what I call "Freak Show Bucks" on the covers. I've hunted deer nearly all my life and I've never seen anything like the deer that are being farmed and harvested now days. The pictures suck me right in, I want to harvest one of these monsters, until I start thinking how that buck got to be so big and healthy in these drought riddled seasons. It's called deer farming, another way for the land owners to recover some of the losses because of bad farming weather. These huge racked deer are becoming cash cows for the land owner/deer farmer. Here's what is happening, (and I personally don't agree with this method).

Today's land owner/deer farmers are raising deer for the hunters who come and hunt their land. That is okay with me, however it's when the "promising bucks" are raised from fawns, being hand fed all the right food to help grow nice big racks and the ones that have shown promising racks are kept as the breeders to help the next generation of young bucks. When the next generation comes along and they've shown great genetics for growing a rack, those bucks are then fed and well kept. Some of these whitetails even get accustomed to humans and often gravitate toward them to be hand fed. The next step for the land owner/deer farmer is deciding how much to charge for a freak show deer with the non-typical rack. The land owners are even giving these freakish deer, names like Jackpot, Easy Money, Banker, Golden Boy, Lottery Ticket. All names referring to the money these deer will bring when said hunter agrees to pay for killing that buck.

So what is this new generation of Goliath deer going to do with the current B&C scoring system? Am I going to have to find a deer that is God gifted so I can make the cut-off points? Yea, I just shot a buck that will score a, say 947 non-typical, how did you do? I guess this will continue until hunters realize that the deer they just shot was in the farmers back yard a week ago, playing tag with the dog and eating Cheerios from from a kids hand.