It's getting close to Easter and that means egg hunts. There are a couple around town that I found and I'm sure more will be posted or that I just didn't find. I remember Easter at my grandparents as always being a lot of fun and miss those egg hunts.

My grandma would take boiled eggs, color them and tape nickels, dimes and quarters to them. Then she would take the plastic eggs and put dollar bills or chocolate inside them. Then when we got done whoever had the most eggs would get the big chocolate Easter bunny as a prize.

We had fun, got our chocolate and little money for the piggy bank too.

If you don't want to do your own egg hunt and are looking for an Easter egg hunt to take your kids to here are a few that I found.

Southern Hills Church is doing an egg hunt and it seems to be open to the public. For details and time see their website.

Oakridge Church of Christ also has a community event Saturday the 7th complete with pictures of  the Easter Bunny.  See website for more details.

St. Paul UMC is having an Egg Stravaganza event Sunday Apr. 8th with a grill out, crafts and more; it too is open to the community.  For details see St. Paul UMC website.

These are just a few that I found after researching a plethora of Abilene churches.  If you know of an event open to the public please share with us.